Company overview

“ZED-HOLDINGS” is a business, sales and management consulting company, and personal skills coach and development.

“ZED-HOLDINGS” was founded, in order to help companies and organizations create, develop and expand their business in Israel and EMEA, and improve their management team skills and productivity.

The company was founded by Zion Gabai in 2009, using over 25 years of experience in various management and sales roles, in various companies at many areas around Europe and Africa, , and uses very wide and quality personal and professional network with vendors, resellers, distributors, system integrators and top customers and players in the  IT industry.

We have a long experience opening, penetrating new markets and territories with new products and services, managing small and large sales teams, personal skills development, and helping with create, write and achieve business plans and commission plans.

Our business objectives:

  • Help companies to start-up and penetrate into new territories and markets, using our wide professional and personal network and experience.
  • Help companies create correct and productive strategy business plan for opening new territories and markets.
  • Help companies create and write productive and professional business plans and commissions’ plans.
  • Be proactive helping companies achieve short term results, as well as creating long term and quality opportunities.
  • Accompaniment and improve companies’ sales-reps and sales managers skills, to have better results within enterprise customers, local and abroad.
  • Commit to loyalty and focus, in order to achieve results in short time.
  • Help companies grow their revenue and expand their business in inexpensive way.
  • Personal coaching to managers and business manager to improve results.
  • Consult and coach selected management team for results.
  • Consult business needs for organization in various areas.
  • Use our great reputation to help young companies build their business.

Using “ZED-HOLDINGS” services for business consulting, with our executive network, ensures our clients trusted, confidence, quality and professional partnership, and help them achieve their objectives in short time and inexpensive way.

Our happy customers and partners are our references, we built trust, confidence and success together.

For more information, please contact us.

                                             Zion Gabai